Scanning Services

Safe, Secure & Professional

Active Data Systems offers a comprehensive range of document scanning services. We can convert your documents to digital file formats that can be electronically stored, retrieved, tracked and managed from any computer or mobile device. From start to finish we work together to ensure your scanning project is a well thought out success.

Why Scan Your Paper Files?


Free up your office space.

Document scanning eliminates the need to store your paper documents in prime office space and allows you to focus on your core business.


Prevent information loss.

You cannot control when floods, fires or even something as simple as spilled cup of coffee happen.


Protect private information.

Document scanning allows you to quickly apply rule-based security to your electronic images, ensuring only authorized individuals have access to them.


Improve employee collaboration.

Document scanning allows all team members to instantly access the digital image and collaborate in real time.


Mobile accessibility.

Document scanning allows your staff to quickly and securely access files from anywhere, at any time, from any device.

How Do Our Scanning Services Work?

  • Step 1


    Our experienced managers will meet with you to learn about your business goals.

  • Step 2


    All regional pickups are handled by our experienced staff members.

  • Step 3

    Secure Facility

    The documents are received at our secure building.

  • Step 4

    Document Scanning

    Your documents are digitized using the latest scanning hardware.

  • Step 5

    Image Output

    Once the scanning is complete, we can export the images in virtually any format.

Ready To Go Paperless?

For scanning services, give us a call at 605-335-5906 or reach us through email.