Digital ReeL

Digital ReeL is an affordable microfilm conversion solution, creating a digital replica of your original microfilm or microfiche.

With Digital ReeL, Active Data Systems converts microfilm to virtual, digital microfilm rolls. This includes a software application that emulates microfilm retrieval from a reader printer. Retrieve virtual microfilm from a PC workstation, avoiding the hassles that come with physical microfilm and legacy reader printers.

Digital ReeL converts records with 100% accuracy, digitally preserving your microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards exactly as they appeared in their original. An adjustable grayscale is included, enabling you to optimize quality. Plus, Digital ReeL combines full-text searching capabilities with your existing indexing methodology to enable you to quickly find information. Whether you use book and page, case number, or roll and frame, we can accommodate multiple indexing methodologies.

In addition, users can have iPhone/iPad and Android access on your devices, anytime, anywhere, adding documents from camera or storage.

Digital Microfilm Conversion

Once your microfilm is converted, your I.T. department can store and manage the digitally converted microfilm records and the Digital ReeL application.
Active Data Systems saves you hassle by hosting your digital records on the Cloud in a secure data center. Login to the Digital ReeL web interface to search and access records.