With FileDirector, your files are always at your fingertips. Everything in one place, accessible in seconds from any device.

FileDirector is one of the most feature-rich and innovative electronic Document Management Systems on the market today, with comprehensive functionality to suit any size of business. It’s simple, easy to use, and can be installed on almost any Windows network environment. It can be used right out of the box and we make sure that it is always up-to-date.


With FileDirector, the capture, classification and distribution of documents is fast and more efficient. FileDirector is based on a modular system, which allows you to tailor your own solution; and as the company grows, FileDirector can fully adapt to meet the demands.

Optical Character Recogintion Zones

OCR zones are configured on templates which are applied to selected documents. FileDirector will then read the content of the zones on the document, and autopopulate the relevant index fields in FileDirector.

Form Recognition

The zones can also be used to identify specific types of documents. It can be text or a logo, as long as it is unique to the document. The system will then recognize the form, read the zones and auto-populate the index fields linked to them.

Web Server

FileDirector Web Server allows users, with the appropriate access permission, the ability to search and view documents from anywhere that has an Internet connection using the most popular Windows browsers, or Safari on a Mac. The browser client not only has the search function, but also full text search, as well.

FileDirector Enterprise

You can search across a whole Cabinet, or within one Document Type, for the information you are looking for. Using the index fields that have been defined within the Cabinet, these can be set to do specific match searches, or wildcard and range searches.

Zones can be configured to read barcodes. FileDirector has the most popular 1D and 2D barcode types including Quick Response (Q.R.) codes. The information contained in the barcode can then be applied in the same manner as an O.C.R. zone, filling one or several index fields.

Full Text Recognition
With full text recognition, the whole document is processed by the O.C.R. engine. This allows the user to search for all documents containing a particular word or phrase, the results are displayed with the highest relevance first and the “hits” highlighted in the document viewing window.

Limitless Boundaries with Seamless Integration
Document Management Systems become their most useful when they are seamlessly integrated into other applications, so that its functionality can be controlled from the third-party application. FileDirector has a built-in software development kit (S.D.K.) that allows you to fully integrate with your other web-based or Windows-based thirdparty applications.

FileDirector Small Business Edition (S.B.E.)

Could your small business use the full functionality of a document management system, but you can’t afford it? We have an option for you! FileDirector SBE is a cost-effective option created specifically for small business that contains most of the enterprise functionality at a lower cost. However, while FileDirector Enterprise supports unlimited users, FileDirector SBE supports up to 15.

Other Great Features Include:

• Codeless Connector
• Audit Trail
• Image Printer
• MailStore
• Cabinet Security
• Document Capture
• Index Automation
• Full Text Search
• MS Office Integration
• iPad/iPhone/Android Client
• SAP Certification
• Enhanced Security

FileDirector Cloud

Enjoy 24-hour a day access to your documents from anywhere with an internet connection on a system that is flexible, efficient, and always up to date. For a low monthly cost, you can reap the benefits of our FileDirector Cloud system – the smart choice for businesses with a mobile, geographically spread out employee base.

Benefits Include:
• Reduced capital expense, space and time
• Improved security and efficiency
• Easier document control
• Access documents anytime, anywhere
• Automatic upgrades
• Free up your server space
• 100% paperless
• Low monthly cost

FileDirector Table Comparison

User LimitUnlimitied15Unlimited
Full Text OCRXXX
Barcode/Zone OCRXXX
Barcode & Form RecognitionXXX
Full Audit TrailXXX
Life Cycle ManagementXXX
Microsoft Office IntegrationXXX
SharePoint ConnectorX
ODBC ConnectorXX
Codeless IntegrationXXX
Mailstore MX ExchangeXX
SAP Certified IntegrationX
SDK AvailableXXX
Process ManagementXXX
TWAIN Scanner DriversXXX
ISIS Scanner DriversXXX
Virtual Network PrinterXXX
Install OptionsYour ServerYour ServerOur Cloud

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