Is there anything more crucial to your business than your files? Your files are your business. Making sure your files are stored and managed as easily and efficiently as possible is our business. When you need a document management system – a system used to track, manage and store documents and reduce paper – you need a company with the experience and expertise to make sure all your files are stored securely. Active Data Systems is an industry leader in document and content management, and has over 30 years of experience in helping businesses increase their efficiency.

Where are your files right now? When you take a look at those rusty, cumbersome old filing cabinets that store the history of your company and your accounts, you’re really looking at an inefficient, waste of space that’s at risk to be damaged in a fire or natural disaster. You’ve probably been putting off digitizing those files and storing them, but the time has come to take action. We’re here to help you scan and organize those files, so your team is able to take advantage of that data.

With the help of Active Data Systems, you’ll be able to convert those old filing cabinets into electronic filing cabinets. The electronic filing cabinet will help you optimize your customer service experience and increase your efficiency. A good document management system is worth the investment – it’s an investment in your information. If the documents are sitting around in the old filing cabinet, they’re going to be difficult for your team to find and process information from in a timely manner.

When you consider the different places your valuable information is stored – on individual computer hard drives, in the cloud, on networks, on zip drives and maybe even old CD’s and file cabinets – you start to understand the scattershot nature most companies have in place for where their data exists. The electronic filing cabinet is going to bring all these disparate data streams into a uniform system. It’s going to make it much more easy for your employees, teams and relevant partners to share, store and edit. They’ll be able to access this vital information if they’re at the office, at an off-site location or working from home for the day.

It Starts With a Scan

Active Data Systems is proud to offer safe, secure and professional scanning services. We offer a comprehensive range of document scanning services – we can convert your docs to digital file formats that can be electronically stored, retrieved, managed and tracked from any computer or mobile device.

Scanning your paper files frees up your office space. Think of all the extra space your office will have when you get rid of those old filing cabinets for good. You can use that new space to focus on new business. You can quickly apply rule-based security to your electronic images, ensuring only authorized individuals have access to them. This is a great feature for protecting private information. When your documents are scanned, your team can instantly access them and collaborate in real time – from anywhere, at any time, from any device.

One of our experienced managers will consult with you about your company and your business goals. We will figure out a data management solution that’s most appropriate for your company. We will then pick up your material and transport it to our secure facility. There, we digitize your documents with the most advanced scanning hardware. After the scanning is complete, we can export those images for you in virtually any format.

If your business has the need for a microfilm scanner of your own, we can certainly assist you with scanning hardware. ScanPro Scanners make working with microfilm easy, fun and productive. We can outfit your business with the technology preferred by the world’s largest and most prestigious libraries and corporations.

If you’re looking for a paper scanner, and need something for the office that can scan ID cards, invoices, forms, receipts and other paperwork, we have a variety of scanners that will fulfill your needs.

Improves Efficiency & Customer Satisfaction

In addition to being able to access data in a more timely manner, using a document management system will give your employees and customers the peace of mind that comes from storing your documents using a trusted technology. It streamlines your document management and your workflow. You’re able to analyze important data to achieve a result faster if you’re properly using your document management system. It builds trust with your customers when you’re able to process their issues and complaints in a timely manner. Getting the relevant information to them, quickly, is a surefire way to improve your customer service.

You also save on printing and copying expenses when you have the right document management system. Being able to access the documents from any number of locations reduces the amount of backup paper copies you need to make – so your team is always up to date on the latest, most relevant information.

Active Data Systems stays on top of the latest technology so you don’t have to. We will give your business the edge as you backup your data. Seventy percent of all companies that suffer a major data loss go out of business within a year. Think of how devastating it would be to lose your emails, Word and Excel docs, PDF’s, accounting data, contact lists and billing information. Our backup services incorporate continuous data protection, with the entire server backed up, not just the data. There are no tapes to switch or take off-site. Your data is automatically stored both on and off-site – our highly reliable backup system has built-in features to protect and recover your data.

Keep your documents and business safe with a document management solution from Active Data Systems.